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We know there’s hundreds -- okay fine, dozens -- of white label AR companies out there that are going to tell you about how you can “boost engagement with your brand by delivering unique experiences to your customers with the power of cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology” and how “using our services will add another dimension to your brand”, but we’re here to tell you the truth: AR sucks.





Do you have an existing product you would like to integrate AR into?


Have you considered why you googled the words, “AR white label agency”? Was it pressure from a boss? Was it you trying to prove how immersed in the field of emerging (useless) tech you are? Or are you trying to create a product to become the new Pokemon GO (to hell)?

Have you, at any point in the past seven seconds, stopped to consider what life choices brought you to this point? Y/N

Are you still with us?


Wow, ok, fine: Eyemole will make you a white-label solution for your underwhelming Augmented Reality experience. We will customize it for your brand too, not that it matters because who will want to download an app just so they can see a single letter look a bit prettier when they point their phone camera at your business card that they totally spent more than 0.003 seconds skimming at. We will do this for you. Why? Because you will buy it.


We would post some Cool Glyphs, Bullshit Infographics, and Process Descriptions, but we spent all of our marketing budget on writing this gross page after sitting through 3 meetings in a row. But don’t feel bad for us, because we are a co-operative, which means that we all collectively get paid 0 dollars an hour. All’s fair that ends fair. That’s why we’re called eyemole.fair am I right- oh what we’re not? Our domain is .moe instead? Nice.

Here’s some glyphs for you to look at absentmindedly while scrolling through this page. Don’t try to make sense of them, just trust the process:


We'll consult with you to tailor the best Augment Reality solution to meet your needs.

Perfect Design

We'll help design engaging creative assets or you can supply your own.


Our developers and experts are at your service. No coding, no hassle, no problem.


We'll make sure your campaign is properly tested and ready for a successful lanch


We'll work with you to optimize and improve your campaign going forward

Collectively owned

Or not. You're like a user member. Or maybe your users are our members. Who knows

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, we’ve also Done Stuff before so that you can trust that we will not irreversibly ruin your company’s reputation. We’ve made Augmented Reality Streetwear and Tabletop Augmented Reality Streetwear. Because we love tabletops that much.

Use cases

  • Advertising - to provide a unique and memorable brand experience :)
  • Museums & galleries - to enhance existing artworks and create interactive experiences that will surely attract visitors :)
  • Real Estate - to give customers tours of properties without the need of visiting them :)
  • Education - to create interactive, highly visual content :)
  • Entertainment - to add interactions and personalization to products such as board games, collectable cards, posters :)
  • [Your unique idea here :) ]
  • -90








If after all this you’re still not convinced, which, tbh, probably means you’re just one of them…… just take it from our boss:

Just kidding, we don’t have a boss. We’re a co-operative, remember? All we have is peer pressure.

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These are

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